It was surprising to observe today (9th june 2008 around 0900 hours IST) that the website of India’s premier IT organization Nasscom was not accessible. The error message was consistent with a maintenance drive.

While maintenance is a part of any IT asset, it is necessary for premier organizations such as NASSCOM to ensure business continuity during the process. Recently brought to the attention of the Indian Public that several Indian banks had expereienced web shut downs during routine maintenance or server migration. These resulted in the shutting down of the core banking operations or virtually the Bank itself for a few days.

Now it is possible that NASSCOM may also be under a maintenance shut down though some form of attack on its server cannot be ruled out.

Supposing that it is a maintenance shut down, a question needs to be asked.. “Would it not have been possible to keep the website open during the shut down process”? or alter the error page to provide a temporary re direction to another site?

In fact Nasscom also had the domain name which could have been used to divert the visitors while was shut down provided the shut down was planned.

We have sought information about the nature of the shut down which will indicate why such a drastic step to close down the site was taken.


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