Bangladesh parliament elections are again on spotlight on Bangladesh news media. Both Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia are campaigning round-the-clock for their parties. Many have been surprised at how summarily all the criminal charges against the ladies were withdrawn in the last weeks before the elections.
So obviously it stinks of some kind of deal the government has cut with the ladies to let them go free in exchange for something..
What comes to mind first is that it is a deal between the caretaker government/army and the two ladies with the understanding that neither Mrs. Hasina Wajed or Mrs. Zia on becoming the next PM will go after the bigwigs of the caretaker government or the army brass in exchange for letting them participate in the general elections and eventually let one of them become the Prime minister of the country. There may have been veiled or overt threats as well on what might happen if the next PM or opposition leader went back to old ways of bickering and shutdowns that have often paralysed the country for days in the past.
Can it be that the army top brass is afraid of retribution from the ladies once one of them comes back to power? Is that why the haste in withdrawing all charges against the two ladies?

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