Can we entrust our nation’s future to one so manifestly not qualified to lead a freshman football team, let alone a great nation?

One hears ominous reports of our military (naval) build-up in the Persian Gulf:

“Mr. Bush said the United States would send another aircraft carrier and its supporting ships to the Persian Gulf. Administration officials said the battle group would be stationed within quick sailing distance of Iran, a response to the growing concern that Iran is building up its own missile capacity and naval power, with the goal of military dominance in the gulf.”

From all reports out of Iran the majority of the (mainly younger people) are increasingly fed up with the clerical dominance and shaky presidential leadership there. What could more acutely drive that majority back into alliance with these two repressive forces than Bush’s implied threat to attack — possibly with bunker busting ‘nuculer’ weapons? Every sane commentator has suggested that it is time to talk to Syria and Iran which have their own interests in restoring good order to the region. It is rumored (per CNN) that Blair is preparing to pull out British troops.

What none of our commentators has mentioned to my awareness is that Bush’s ‘coalition of the willing’ has now all but faded away to a lonely “surge” of U.S. troops introduced to the region to replace Bush’s former allies’ departures. Needless to say there is a vast gap in the costs to the U.S. of this on-going second Gulf war in contrast to the first. We are losing it by all reports in Afghanistan as well as Iraq and are well on our way to making us hated by BOTH Sunnis and Shiites — quite an accomplishment uniting the two traditionally bitterly divided wings of Islam against a common enemy — us!

What is most devastating is the general destruction — both physical and social — of the two countries we have thus far invaded. Those who can flee have been doing so. Doctors and teachers — the relatively few left in Iraq now — are being pointlessly murdered on almost a daily basis. They are not there to moderate the schismatic hatreds.

I think there is a Biblical allusion that may fit this situation somehow. Let us call it Bush’s Tower of Babel?

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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