President Bush recently unveiled his new plan for success in Iraq. Including but not limited to an increase of more than twenty thousand troops, greater integration with the Iraqi government, and economic assistance.

In this new plan the United States president stands virtually alone as told by, Jim Kuhnhenn, who quotes Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in saying, “In choosing to escalate the war, the president virtually stands alone.”

In this we can continue to see that while the American people and the Congress continue to say “No War” Bush continues to escalate the situation. His motives are still concealed but one thing is for certain, it is not just the American people who feel they have been lied to anymore.

As Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla) said, “I cannot continue to support the administration’s position. I have not been told the truth over and over again by administration witnesses, and the American people have not been told the truth.”

Part of the presidents plan calls for a greater demand for Iraqi assistance in governing and defending their own country. This has been on the global plate for many years, but finally the president has laid down his napkin and called on the Iraq leadership to stop messing around and get things done, now. Hopefully, this demand upon the Iraqi government will be met quickly and with little obstacle. I question whether the American people can hope for the Iraqi’s to hold up their part of the bargain, when time and time again the US has fallen short of meeting its planned goals — whether they be economic or tactical.

But as tensions continue to go higher in Baghdad and other places around the world one must question the president’s -need- to escalate the occupation of Iraq when US resources may be needed in other parts of the world.
Iraqi’s are not sure whether Bush’s new plan for additional troops will be successful. Some are opposed to the increase in force believing it will lead to more blood shed. Others are hopeful that this new plan will increase security and give a kick start to the capitals economy.

Leaders from both Syria and Iran point to the Bush administrations blatant disregard for the bipartisan Iraqi Study Groups proposals for success in Iraq. And they are not the only ones, British ministers also question Bush’s new plan for success in Iraq. While the American people continue to view their President in a less than flowery light, with less than thirty percent agreeing with his most recent push in Iraq. As President Bush continues to move forward with the occupation one has to wonder what will happen to the ordinary Iraqi still without electricity and water living outside of Baghdad, as the US continues to pour billions of dollars into troops on the ground. All the while leaving tens of thousands without work, in devastating conditions, in cities of rubble around the country.

Bush’s refusal to open dialogue with Iraq’s neighbors places him on yet another stage of hypocrisy. On one hand he stands as a staunch ally with Pakistan, who are known to be harboring terrorists who are leading attacks in Afghanistan on a regular basis. While on the other hand he refuses to open talks with Syria or Iran because they are harboring terrorists?

It seems to this writer that the only possible solution to the crisis in Iraq is to reach out to Iraq’s neighbors for support. Bring the people together in a unified democratic, free state. While giving them the opportunity for security from one another and increasing the availability of economic assistance for those who want and need it.

Will the increase in troops help to stave off the current onslaught of insurgency and sectarian violence? Maybe. Maybe not. One thing is for sure, this is just the first step towards revolutionizing the region. If this is a war of civilizations, we need to be so convicted that our civilization is better that all who come upon us will know that we full-heartedly agree that our way is the best way to live and prosper in our world. If we cannot say this to people through not only our words but our actions and our history then we cannot say this at all.

I, for one, can stand up and say without a shadow of a doubt, our way is the best way. Freedom, liberty, equality, and a pursuit of happiness for all people is the best way.


Bassem Mroue

Nasser Karimi – Tehran, Iran

[Edited by Simon – Para spacing]

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