Over the last few weeks the headlines have been filled with news about the tragedy of the bushfires that have swept through Australia. However, whilst many people may have lost loved ones and their homes and belongings, there is also another worry that they need to consider.

Officials have said that people need to be careful about returning to their partially or fully destroyed homes, as there may be an added danger that they need to take into consideration. This is the potential danger of asbestos exposure, which may have been disturbed as a result of the bushfires.

An official from one area affected by fire, which was the Shire of Yarra Ranges, said: “The shire is concerned about hazardous conditions and materials that may be present at fire-damaged properties, and the potential danger to residents returning to their properties to look for personal belongings.”

He added: “Another potential hazard from fire-damaged properties is asbestos, which was used in the construction of buildings and sheds for many years. Asbestos kits, which include disposable overalls, P2 masks, gloves, strong garbage bags and sealing tape, are available for residents whose homes may have contained asbestos.”

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