Written in response to Bush Speech 10-25-2006

While Bush spoke today, I began to dose off again. This is simply an “ideological conflict,” Bush asserts in his speech in Washington. It was not a matter of me being sleepy; it was a reaction that occurs within my conscience mind that reacts to loads of rhetorical monotony in a manner that is similar to sleep. I am not for a right or left party, I am for what is right. At this point after hearing all of the Bush administrations initiatives, plans, and so on; I am ready for stone cold solutions.

“The only way we lose in Iraq, is if we leave before the job is done.” –Bush

If we are fighting a losing battle against an uncertain enemy in the territory unknown to our military, but known to the enemy, we are losing and have already lost anyway. Our troops are dying. Bush says that pulling out early is losing, but if we stay and keep dying, we are losing the war and our loved ones still. This gets to the point of what really matters most to our government. Everyone wants every country to be free to vote and choose, but it can’t be at the expense of our men and women, in an unsure war.

“We are winning. We will win.”- Bush

Bush doesn’t know. I wish he would say, “Look, I just don’t know anymore.” I believe that every good leader should be able to see when they are wrong and respond accordingly. Every mess can be cleaned up. The U.S. is in a melting pot of mess that keeps filling up and boiling over. We are trying to structure Iraq’s government, unite allies, stop nuclear bomb creations, fight a war, and there is no structured plan to an end to the torment.

The speech Bush gave today was a speech of excuses and unjustified explanations. It was a complete waste of time, especially because nothing came of it. The White House and the American people are still in the dark about the solutions to today’s pressing issues.

“Benchmarks and Timetables” – Bush

Bush stated that he would rather use a timetable to establish estimates on things such as troop withdrawal in Iraq. He didn’t want to use the term benchmark, because that would relate to a definite date or time, and he stated that definite times and dates can’t be used when relating to war because war is unpredictable. I do agree with the general idea of the benchmarks and timetables, but I think that the two words are being used interchangeably when enacted. For example, he gave a timetable of 12- 18 months for troop withdrawal. The timetable is between now and 18 months, but the benchmark is the 18th month. The people need a false sense of hope, but at the same time they need an honest false sense of hope. The people need you to say 12-18 months and really push to have their family out in 12-18 months. The people don’t need a government to say 12-18 months, screw around for 10 months, get to work on the 11th month, and then on month 12 when nothing has been accomplished, say to them again, “Well it might take a little longer.” That has gone on for 6 years now. An end needs to come.

“North Korea likes to threaten.”- Bush

North Korea was brought up momentarily, primarily because they had warned South Korea against uniting with any other country. Bush stated that North Korea likes to threaten. But how does he know that the threat might not be an idle threat. Why does the U.S. keep underestimating the ability and the underhandedness of these foreign governments? The U.S. needs to smarten up. The moment the U.S. takes a minute to shut down all operations and have one single day dedicated to formulating a plan, is the day that progression for change will begin, and a smarter America will be born. Until then we will be subjected to pointless press conferences intended to make excuses. Bush stated that he felt the press conference was needed because the people deserved an explanation. The people don’t need an explanation when results can be seen and change is coming about. The people don’t need explanations when their best interest is at heart. The people do need an explanation when the U.S. is engaged with foreign countries in a game of mixed checkers and chess, and the U.S. doesn’t know if they should jump, take over or crown; either way there isn’t enough space for everybody, and we all know that the insignificant pawns (the people) always go first.

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