Woe is me…

One more time, let’s hear it now. The ink isn’t even dry on the document, and the whiners are whining, and the main stream press has opted for tabloid headlines.

Bush signs law backing ‘harsh’ interrogation.

Bush signs law on ‘tough’ interrogation.

Battles brewing on ‘torture’.

New terrorism law a ‘stain’ on US history.

One of the ‘worst’ civil liberties measures ever.

Blatantly ‘unconstitutional’.

Etc… etc… etc… ad nauseum.

I’ve written about this before [link below], but every time a new wave of hankies starts waving in the media, I start wondering “When will they ever get it?” The other guys don’t play nice, never have, never will. Our constant carping about the rules of fair play only puts smiles on their faces. Every politician, or celebrity, that climbs on that old This is why we’re wrong soapbox, does nothing more than strengthen the other guys resolve.

They are -not- Prisoners of War, according to the Geneva Conventions.

They don’t have American Rights, they’re the enemy.

The few that do happen to be US citizens, are guilty of treason, plain and simple.

I could rant about this for hours on end, but for some it just falls on deaf ears. So in the interests of brevity, I’ll turn it over to Sid [below], who knows how to make his point, straight up.

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Reprinted from Exit 4

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