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“With the resignation of Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman, President Bush intends to fill the post with Florida’s Mel Martinez, a Hispanic who led the battle in the U.S. Senate for amnesty for illegal aliens.”

That quote is the opening salvo in Pat Buchanan’s column this morning at and, as it should be, the choice of Mel Martinez is also a top story all over the media. Mel Martinez is a Cuban-American, first-term Senator from the state of Florida. Martinez served in President Bush’s cabinet for a while as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he wrote the legal opinion that got the U.S. Government involved in the Terry Schiavo case, and he is thoroughly checked-out on the key far-right-wing agendas: pro-life, anti-gay rights, anti-stem cell research and the agenda item that sits in the shadows, cloaked in rhetoric — amnesty for illegal aliens.

This nation has a huge problem, it is overrun with illegal aliens, and George Bush still refuses to confront and resolve that problem with sensible measures that will return the U.S. to U.S. citizens. Instead, the President is focused on a course of action that will create a new underclass of citizen, the majority of whom are destined to be locked into poverty and social welfare for decades to come.

This is not a rant against legal immigration, nor am I saying that the illegal aliens in this country are to be blamed for being here or for the problems they are causing! They come here for good reasons! Their home countries have either corrupt or inept socialist governments; they have no opportunities to pull themselves up the economic ladder because there are no rungs in those ladders, not for the common citizen; their presidents, dictators and politicians are living the ‘high-life’ while their citizens drown in misery and poverty. If the tables were turned, I would probably come here too to escape those conditions, and you probably would also. No, the illegal aliens here are only here because this was a better choice than living where they were and are not to be blamed. If blame is to be assessed, the parties who deserve all of it are their governments and our government; theirs for creating and sustaining the conditions that drive their citizens out and ours for creating and sustaining the conditions that have allowed many millions of illegals to enter our country and that continue to allow them to come.

While our sympathy for the plight of illegal aliens is noble it cannot be the determining factor in our decisions regarding their status here. The word “illegal” has a definite meaning and all the tears and knee-jerking in the world will not change that meaning.

The nomination of Mel Martinez as RNC chair is not yet a done deal — the RNC membership must vote on it and will vote in approx. six weeks. The President, however, has made his choices known, not only for the RNC leadership but for his intended direction of the Republican party — business as usual. That direction will continue to lead the party away from the mainstream of American thought. The price for his decisions, should he get his way, will be paid in two years; the question is: how much damage will be done in two years?


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