The latest craze in America, which has grown and flourished tremendously over the past couple of years, is the game of poker.  One can catch a tournament of some kind or other, virtually any time of the day, on at least one cable station.  Everyone is learning the game, and everyone is playing.  But, the methods of doing so are expected to diminish greatly rather soon, for Bush and legislation are expected to sigh a new measure that will prohibit U.S. banks and credit card companies from processing Americans’ online gambling transactions. 

Poker Players Alliance, one of the leading advocates against such legislation, has begun to focus its efforts on obtaining legal exemptions for online gaming sites.  Professional poker players and amateurs alike are adamantly against the proposed legislation.  Mike Sexson, a professional card player and commentator for the World Poker Tour complained, “Who is Congress to tell people what to do in their own home, when it doesn’t bother anybody else?  We feel like our rights have been violated.”

The bill has already had a detrimental effect upon online gaming firms in the past week alone.  The market has already lost an estimated $8 billion.  The poker firm called World Gaming PLC has witnessed its stock decline by 88% last week.  Several offshore sites have ceased operations in the U.S.  Many believe the prohibitions will only push the game underground, while others, such as (based in Brisbane, Australia) say U.S. policies will not effect their websites.  U.S. players can continue to play on, for the site assures its customers that their account balances will remain 100% secure, and always accessible. 

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