Breaking Rumor and RANK speculation, WHAT IF In his final days as President, George W Bush took the unprecedented step of granting secret pardons to his closest advisers, The power of the President to grant pardon is plenary, he is free to dispense with formality and tradition, in lay terms it means when the individual is charged with the specific crime for which he has a secret pardon, all he needs to do is produce it.
Some will argue such a pardon would be invalid because the person has yet to be charged much less convicted Yet sadly, Richard Nixon was the recipient of a blanket Presidential pardon that absolved him from any and all crimes or offenses he may have committed against the laws of the United States.
And so too from the day Mr. Bush took Office till his term as President expired , he may have dam well pardoned anyone he wished, for crimes they had yet to be charged with, and provided the person pardoned accepted the grant, no law requires them to disclose it unless of course they are charged.
But for the fact The United States Senate claimed the word TAINT somehow mystically prohibited a lawfully designated Senator from being seated and Barack Obama a former constitutional law professor for GODS sake felt the need to secretly retake the oath after the Chief Justice flubbed it in public, despite the fact the constitution says he was President at NOON oath or not, I would not give such rumors of secret pardons much credence.
So is President Obama really the legal President? Is there a secret rule that supersedes the constitution that only Presidents and Chief Justices are told about which requires they get the oath right, and was the TAINT that prevented Roland Burris from being sworn on the appointed day been cleansed in a secret senate ritual? And if we attempt to serve papers on some former members of the Bush administration will they twist in a circle three times and cry OH YEA, OH YEA secret pardon protect me

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