Although the Bush presidency is painted as an utter failure, the facts inconveniently point out that this simply isn’t the case.

Is he doing a great job? Hardly. Is he doing an “average” job? This is likely more accurate.

Give credit where credit is due – taking the handoff of a crashing economy from Clinton, weathering the worst foreign attack on US soil, and turning both of these situations around is/was no small task.

It’s easy to criticize from the sidelines, as politicos and the media are wont to do. They wouldn’t trade their quarterback armchairs for GW’s chair for anything. Sadly, both are driven by the ideological arm of whatever political party they pay homage too, which means that they will only paint the negative, and conveniently white wash the positive.

So…how are things really going?

Unemployment – Bush inherited a steeply increasing unemployment rate from Clinton (part of the “crashing economy hand off). The invonveinient truth is that he did a decent job with the situation he was given. Currently, the US has about a 4.5% unemployment rate, an “average” job by most measure. Not great, but not bad, especially when you consider everything else going on.

Home ownership continues to increase. Not at any sort of furious pace…just a decent 1-2% continuous increase. Not to mention, this continues in spite of the housing market.

Defense spending continues to remain below the 45 year average, despite the war on terror, and activites abroad. From the Heritage Foundation:

And, the federal deficit has remained in line with historical trends – the current federal deficit is not at all out of bounds. Again, from the Heritage Foundation:

Again, not great, but not bad.

What about Iraq? Most Iraqis are optimistic on their situation. One of the reasons stated was “freedom and democracy”. Violence is dramatically decreasing, while free elections, a growing economy, debt relief and US led infrastructure rebuild are propelling Iraq to a bright future.

Bush’s real fault? Allowing his enemies to define him, not responding forcefully to a media out of control, and failing to confront his critics with facts. Relying upon his cozy, “by the fireside” charm, instead of the loudest bully pulpit on the planet (the Presidency of the US), is a losing strategy when critics aren’t put in their place.

Bush’s lack of coherent public communication strategy causes his failures to be magnified 1000x while his accomplishments are hidden.



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