One of the least covered stories in the media is that the US now has a government policy to help Africa fight both Malaria and HIV.

Mr Bush – whose $1.2bn (£500m) programme aims to halve the disease’s mortality rates in target nations within five years – said the disease was both preventable and curable.

Clinton may have felt their pain, but Bush (and private individuals such as Bill Gates) are actually doing something about it.

Here are some of the boring details:

US officials say their two-year-old malaria programme has already helped an estimated 11 million people in Africa.

Tens of millions of Africans are affected by malaria. More than one million people die each year from the mosquito-borne disease, which is the leading cause of death of children under five.

Malaria can be prevented by spraying, by educating people to drain small containers and ponds that allow mosquitos to breed, by spraying, by insecticide covered bednets, by treatment, and hopefully in the near future by vaccine


has information on the various groups working together to stop or at least decrease the deaths and disability caused by this treatable and preventable disease.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket, and she writes on medical matters on Hey Doc Xanga Blog. She had malaria while working in Africa as a physician many years ago.

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