In an article by the Washington Post, President Bush accuses Democrats of having no plan in Iraq. The Post reports Bush as saying, “If you listen carefully for a Democrat plan for success, they don’t have one. Iraq is the central front in the war on terror, yet they don’t have a plan for victory,”. Really? So not only do the Democrats not have a plan for Iraq, but Iraq is also the, “central front in the war on terror” ? Since when?

Last I checked, the majority of the participants in the 9/11 attacks on America were not Iraqi. They were from Saudi Arabia. Instead of, “staying the course” in Saudi Arabia, we attacked the Taliban, but only in a so-so manner, allowing them to regroup. Let’s not forget, we are the ones who in the 1980’s, supplied what would become the Taliban we know today, with weapons and millions of dollars in cold, hard cash and weapons to fight the Soviets. Then we went after Iraq, the thorn in our collective sides.

The President only wants the American people to believe that Iraq is at the center for a war on terror because it fits the countless lies he has propagated since invading the country. The truth is that the attack upon Iraq was unjustified. Mr Bush, exactly what is the plan of the Republicans? We’ve heard you say a new plan is needed, what will this plan be? HOW will it be implemented? Bush is noticeably quiet on this matter. Instead, he would rather finger-point, in a typical child-like manner, diverting attention from himself and his own accountability.

In the same Post article, Democrat Harry Reid said, “On a day when the United States reached a grim milestone in Iraq, President Bush resorted to the same tired old partisan attacks in a desperate attempt to hold on to power and avoid accountability for his mistakes.”

Over 2,800 soldiers have been killed in your war, Mr. Bush and the Iraqi casualties blow even that number away, with over 900 this month alone. When does finger-pointing at the Democrats stop and personal accountability begin? You have a failed war on your hands, there is no pulling out gracefully from this situation. However, harping on your claim that Democrats lack a plan for war is not helping the situation. That attitude and approach won’t right the deaths our soldiers have suffered or prevent future deaths from occurring. What will help our soldiers and the Iraqi people is for YOU, Mr. Bush, to develop a course of action, something that should have been done before you entered the country. You are after all, the leader of this nation, why is it the Democrats that need a plan?

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