President Bush has signed an order approving a 700 foot fence along the US-Mexico border. The fence will include motion sensors, cameras and various other types of barriers, all in an attempt to stymie illegal border crossings.

The approval for the fence is the latest method to prove that the government is cracking down on illegal immigration. The fence will only cover one-third of a border that stretches for 2,100 miles but will be a good step towards making our borders more secure. USA Today reports Bush as saying, “We have a responsibility to secure our borders,” Bush added. “We take this responsibility seriously.”

President Bush is dead-on right with his policy on immigration. Illegal immigration is argued to bring a wealth of funds into the US Economy. However, it also costs the US a wealth of funds, funds that LEGAL US citizens are not receiving because they are being dispersed to illegals. Furthermore, illegal immigration is not the ‘victimless crime’ it is claimed to be. It causes an enormous drain on our society and contributes to the dramatic population growth the US has seen recently. The US cannot afford to continue to double its population. Those who argue we can continue to grow at alarming rates are placing uninhabitable land into the equation.

Arguments for illegal immigrants, such as that they will do the work that Americans won’t do, that immigrants become assimilated into society and that illegal aliens pay tax-benefiting money into the economy, are all half-truths issued by those who would rather we disolve borders all-together. Myth needs to be separated from from truth and half-truth on this matter and America needs to ardently pursue stopping illegal immigration.

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