I have always supported President George Bush, but of late that support is wanning. The reasons I could site are many, but to keep it on point it is because he has betrayed the Jews and Israel ever so subtly. In an article by Mark A. Goldman at OpEdNews.com he wrote this:

First, by supporting Israel, he and his minions are guaranteed to get a lot of Jewish votes and a lot of Jewish money for himself and other politicians who support his agenda.

Second, by befriending Israel, Bush has a regional power base from which to control Mid East oil in his quest for world domination.

Third, with Jewish support, Bush is given a pass on whatever policies he pursues regardless of the consequences or the morality.

Unfortunately every time the Jews have regained their land – our Presidents – including Bush have pressured Israel to return it to the so-called Palestinians.

As Goldman says in the below quote, “Bush has the same consciousness that Hitler had and ironically, a great many Jews have aligned themselves with him.”

Bush has the same consciousness that Hitler had and ironically, a great many Jews have aligned themselves with him. By aligning with Bush, these Jews have acquired the power they needed to ‘defend’ Israel. The problem is that the power that was acquired was a political payoff. It was a payoff that said, “I will give you the power you are asking for as long as you do not get in my way as I pursue my own goals.” It was what you might call an unholy alliance. It is the essence of Bush’s grand strategy in everything he does.


Bush has given Jews what they think they want. His methods are brutal and some Jews have torn a page from Bush’s book and adopted his brutal consciousness as their own.

In the end, Bush and his minions will fall and be swept away by history like all the other despots who have tried to accumulate power that does not belong to them. And in this case, many Jews are among his minions and they too will be swept away, and maybe Israel with them. Of course it is not only Jews who have gone for the ride.

It is completely appalling to note just how complacent Bush is in regard to the Jews and the state of Israel. Were he truly a man for peace, were he truly to mean what he says in his supposed defense of Israel – he would never have said, “Islam is a relgion of peace.”

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