Snocore rolled into Dallas on Tuesday night and I headed to the Palladium to check out a band that recently had caught my attention. Thanks to the power of email and some last minute shuffling by the super Amanda I was able to get in pretty much last minute.

What was due to be a 4 band bill was reduced to three as we discovered Saliva had some medical emergency and would not be gracing our presence. So The Flood took the stage first with their safe and sadly monotonous set. Though a tight and polished band they brought little to the live performance other than a slinking lead singer who reminded me too much of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Just when I had written them off completely they closed their set with their current radio single, The Flood. Though many would consider this a sell out to the rest of their set I found it to be the only song with any sort of energy and emotion. The band seemed to come alive for the first time. But by then it was too little too late.

After seeing the crowd and hearing The Flood I was curious as to how Burn Halo was going to fit into this mix. From what I had heard and seen of them on-line it was a far cry from the black clothed, solemn faces that seemed to be filling up the Palladium. But my worries were for naught. In support of their self titled album that just dropped March 31st after almost two years in the making, Burn Halo made it very clear from the opening chord that they came to do one thing; rock the disconsolate faces off of this Dallas crowd. With a style reminiscent of LA Guns-esqu rock bands of decades past Burn Halo brought a blistering set of true rock and roll. This is what the genre was meant to be. Fast, powerful and fun. With catchy hooks and, heaven forbid, even a bridge and guitar solo the live performances took the raw energy of the album and amped it up for an explosive show. Led by front man James Hart the rest of the band followed his lead with non stop movement and crowd interaction. They were there to entertain and would not let anything get in their way. Guitar riffs galore and strong vocals are always a good foundation to build on.

It was obvious that the majority of the crowd was there for Static-X and didn’t want to set through what in their minds was “pretty rock”. I hand it to the band for sticking to their guns and not allowing a few snide remarks to get them off focus. In fact Hart made the point clear 3 songs into the set when he stated adamantly, “I realize that this is a Static-X crowd, but we are Burn Halo and right now, this is OUR house!” This led right into the blistering song Our House that solidified their presence to everyone, fan or not. The rest of their set included Gasoline and the song that is currently spinning on local radio, Dirty Little Girl. The latter being one of my favorite tunes at the moment and again a song that reminds me what rock used to be; rebellion with a sly grin. Not simply anger for the sake of anger. I am not sure the majority of the crowd got it, even when the band closed their set with Save Me. A tune Hart introduced by reminding everyone that there is always the opportunity to turn your life around and that to find something good inside is always the first step. It may have been lost to most but there was no denying that these rockers gave 100% and left the rest of us appreciative.

And yes it was a Static-X crowd and yes deservedly so. I was unable to stay for their entire set but the three songs I did witness proved that they are still tops in their genre. Six seconds into the first song and all my internal organs had shifted lower into my skeletal structure. Led by Wayne Static ‘s lightening vocals and troll of a bass player Tony Campos it was like being hit by a mac truck of bass force trauma. The bands precision and attention to every detail grabbed the crowd and had them eating from their fist clenched hands. I forgot how much I love this type of music and when I hear it live from a band like Static-X I appreciate it even more.

 The SnoCore tour is in full effect through the summer and I encourage you to check it out when it rolls into town. Just make sure you have all your insides locked down and secure. Also, be sure and pick up Burn Halo’s new album on iTunes and Amazon. A must have for true rock fans.

-Matt Mungle :

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