15 May 2007, Naypyidaw, Burma.

Dr. Mikhail M Mgeladze (Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Union to Myanmar Burma) is to have a day long meeting with the Burmese Minister Col. Zaw Min (Minister for Electric Power).

Details of the meeting are not yet known but the meeting agenda includes Nuclear Power and Missiles.

Apparently Burma wants to acquire a 2000 MGW capacity Heavy Water Nuclear Power Reactor working on 80% enriched Uranium-235, the cost is estimated at over 3 Billion US Dollars. Rumor has it that the deal is basically done and the only negotiation left is how the 15-20 year ‘Soft Loan’ will appear on paper, and maybe just as important, how it will appear to the rest of the world.

An official from the Ministry of Electric Power said that “We are doomed, I don’t know what they (Junta) are thinking, but seeing IRAN and N.KOREA as an example, I am just afraid that they have just invited yet more sanctions on Burma”

Meanwhile in Moscow, Russia, Russia and Burma have signed an agreement to build a nuclear reactor in Burma. It will be 10-megawatt light water reactor working on 20 percent enriched Uranium-235, according to a statement by Russian atomic energy agency. The agreement is signed between Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of Rosatom and U Thaung, the Burmese Minister of Science and Technologies.

Rosatom said, the research facility will also include an activation analysis laboratory, a medical isotope production laboratory, silicon doping system, nuclear waste treatment and burial facilities.  And the facility will be under the control of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

This sets the stage for a Uranium enrichment program.

At this time the missile part of the meeting is unknown, but you can guarantee that it is not for peaceful purposes.

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