BURMA: The poorest nation on this earth has been hit by the most deadliest Cyclone of 2008 at May 2 unknown and unprepared, and facing the worst disaster the world have never seen before.

And yet the infamous (in-fact the most infamous) Military Junta Government is really quite busy with the REFERENDUM to approved self written Constitution which will endorsed their army rule official. So they have no time to save the people.

Source from Irrawaddy Division military headquarters said more than 600 villages are submerged in the Irrawaddy delta along Cyclone Nargis’ deadly path in May 3,  and make “Nargis” The deadliest Natural Disaster of 2008.

The worst-hit areas in Irrawaddy Delta are Bogalay, Laputta, Mawlamyaing Gyun and Pyapon townships where, estimated more than 80,000 people have died and (which estimated more than 40% are children) and more than 700,000 people are homeless. And about 60% of dead are from Bogalay township (one of the poorest town in Asia)

According to domestic hospital there, some survivors from Kyein Kyi Chaung village in Bogalay have died of cholera, it also is starting to occur in some survivors from Laputta. It is because; Cyclone’s survivors have nothing to drink so they drink water from the rivers where dead bodies of human and animals are still floating. So that is how the outbreak began. The survivors of course are quite aware of that the water is dirty, but they have no other choice. And Burma unfortunately do not have enough medicine (in fact there is no medicines at all in local clinics and hospitals of Irrawaddy delta).

Estimated death toll of Bogalay township is believed to be around 50,000 people which is the highest, and the second was in Laputta township also believed to be have 20,000 deaths, and Pyapon township is the third in the number of deaths.

Total of 142 villages went under water in Bogalay Township. More than 90% of the people in these villages have died, only a few survived. One example would be, Khaing Shwe Wa village in Kyun Thaya Dai Nel (village tract) had about 400 people before the cyclone; but now only four people left. The whole village was simply wiped out.

Other submerged villages of Bogalay are, 50 villages in Kyun Thaya Dai Nel located between Meinmahla Kyun and Kadonkana islands southwest of Boglay. Namely: Mi Laung Gwin, Kapanan, Yei Kyaw Gyi, Chaung Phye, Gway Chaung, Khaing Shwe Wa, Danyinphyu, inner and outer parts of Khaung Gyi Island, Buyakyaung, Hmon Tine Gyi, Hmon Tine Lay, Tayaw Chaung, Pulonetaing, Ashe-mae, Kantmalar, Chachee Island village, Thakinma Gyi, Thitpoke village, Letwel Gyi, Kyat Pyay and Thamadi.

Thirty-three villages located in the Kyein Chaung Gyi village tract about 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Bogalay were wiped out, including Shwe Htoo, Lamu Oat Gyi, Lamu Oat Lay, Ma Kyin Myaing, Hlay Lone Kwe, Arr-makhan, Japan Island and Lay Gwa.

Lucky thousands of survivors were recently rescued from villages where the water level has gone down BY volunteer civilians rescue team and boats NOT by Burmses’s army and its rescue team (in-fact they are too busy with their referendum). And now hundreds of thousands of refugees from hard hits small villages are in major townships of Irrawaddy, waiting for assistance BUT nobody has seen any relief supplies during the past six days after the Cyclone amid the whole World seems to be donating.

These poor people including children have no place to go and desperate need of safe drinking water, food and medicine. the only thing they have left is the HOPE.

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