Yangon Ja/2007

Last week I published an article talking about the corruption in Burma, specifically how the ruling junta are seizing vehicles and then using them for their own use.

One of these recycled vehicles was involved in a crash this week. A Toyota SUV  being driven by the son of Dr. Tin Aung Aye (Supreme Court Justice of lower Burma), managed to seriously crunch a Suzuki Wagon car on Pyay Road, Yangon.

Witnesses say that he looked drunk or on drugs at the time of accident. Apparently he was doing a U turn on a major road in Yangon when he hit the Suzuki. The elderly diver of the Suzuki subsequently died in the infamous Yangon Hospital’s emergency department.

The windows of the SUV were heavily tinted, which might have been a contributing factor in the accident. Heavy tinting of vehicle windows has been illegal in Myanmar (Burma) since 2000). However it is common practice for the VIP’s and their families to ignore this law to show their superiority over ordinary civilians.

According to expert car accident lawyers, car accidents are a very serious crime in Burma but this time because the guilty person is the son of the supreme justice  police released him and dropped all charges.
Some people are speculating that bribes to the police and the victim’s family, together with political clout brought about this miscarriage of justice.

Two years ago when the Junta smashed down PM Geneal Khin Nyunt and his infamous Military Intelligence Bureau, General Shew Mann who lead the crack down claimed that “Nobody is above the law” (obviously Judges are above the law)!

Related to the accident the Chief of Justice U Aung Toe has issued an order to all the supreme courts justice to keep their cars at their house, cars should not be driving on the road without the presence of Supreme Justice himself on the car.
Each supreme justice has one SUV and a Van for their family use. All of the vehicles coming from the pool of supposedly illegally imported cars seized in the government crackdown.

Once again our correspondent in Myanmar has come up with a great story. We in the West just do not realize how much freedom we have – Editor


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