I am from the south so me and the cold weather doesn’t get along too well. I spent some time in Calgary, Alberta. Canada a few years back and let me tell you, that is one place that has some cold weather. It dropped down to minus 40F degrees while I was up there and I was ready to come home to my warmer winter weather.

winter storm

Take for instance, today, it was 80 degrees here, we even slept with our air conditioners on the last two nights but now the rain is here and they say we are going to drop down to the mid to upper 40’s by tonight.

Even with the temperatures being in the 40’s we all should be thanking God that we aren’t catching what a large portion of our country are getting. A deadly winter storm, which some claim that is the worst storm to hit the country in years has hit the midsection of the United States. The storm stretches from the Texas-Mexico border northeast to the Ohio Valley. Dallas has really been hit hard. I talked to a friend of mine from just south of Oklahoma City. She said so far they still have their electricity but some in the area have lost the power.

More than 1900 flights have been canceled as of Friday leaving some stranded at the Dallas Forth Worth International Airport for more than 12 hours. Some schools were forced to close today. Even some holiday events had to cancel because of the weather conditions.

United Parcel Service says some of the deliveries have been interrupted in Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico and the panhandle portion of Texas on Friday. Their staff meteorologists are watching the storm closely but they may try rerouting some of its delivery network and use more rail.

Unfortunately there have been at least three deaths associated with this storm, one including the mayor of Granby, Missouri, Ronald Arnall, 64. The vehicle he was driving veered off a snowy road and struck a tree Thursday afternoon.

Another man was killed in Arkansas when a tree fell onto his camper in Pope County, 80 miles west of Little Rock, late Thursday night. Another man lost his life when driving his BMW and he hit an 18-wheeler that was partially blocking the roadway near Dallas. The police say the crash was due to icy conditions.

According to the National Weather Service we can all expect these harsh weather conditions to continue into the weekend with temperatures about 30 degrees lower than average in some areas.

At times like this I sure Thank God I live in the south. I do pray for all those that are affected by this weather though. I hope and pray it doesn’t stick around too much longer causing too many people problems. God bless you all!

Jan Barrett

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