Fettnäpfchen is a very strange German word. When you look it up it literally means “fat saucer” or gravy saucer, I suppose. Anyway, if you use the expression “step in a fat saucer” here, that means that you’ve blundered, committed a big faux pas, you’ve really put your foot in it.

Now armies march around here and there from time to time and are always stepping into all kinds of disagreeable stuff. That’s just the nature of their work, I suppose. But the Bundeswehr seems to be on a roll these days and now has both feet completely covered in gravy. To make matters worse, they document these blunders meticulously on film (they’ve learned a lot from us, I guess).

First there was the “skull scandal” with the skeleton mascot, now some wild and crazy KSK (Kommando Spezialkräfte as in special force commando) soldiers have pulled out some of their favorite way cool shots of the palm tree emblem they pasted on the side of the off-road vehicle they were using in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, this emblem, though without the swastika, was the same one used by Rommel’s famous “Afrika Korps” during World War II.

I’m telling ya, it’s a laugh a minute out there these days. They’re even thinking of changing the “special” in special force commando to “especially” now, I’ve heard; as in especially dumb.

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