The incident where a father, fed up with the continued harassment of his handicapped daughter on the school bus, went into the bus and told off the bullies, is starting to slip into absurdity.

Instead of suing the school board, which claimed it acted against a previous complaint from the dad about their harassment of another girl, he took the tonguelashing to the source.

And now, he will probably have to apologize. Why?

“At that time, I was a bully. And I apologize again for that,” said Jones. “If you see the tape, I feel like I was backed up against the wall as a parent. I just didn’t know where else to go. We definitely don’t want to promote that.

“We don’t want vigilantes going on buses, threatening kids, because kids have rights too.”

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Yes, his tongue lashing went against the civil rights of the bullies.

As for the school board, one wonders what type of “appropriate” action was taken on his previous complaints.


Was there no “follow up” on the behavior of this gang of bullies? Didn’t anyone ask the bus driver if their behavior continued?


I am reminded of my own sons, where my complaints of his harassment was met with “These students have freedom of speech”.


My advice to dad: Chuck your lawyer and go on Oprah, then sue the shit out of the school for allowing this ongoing harassment of your handicapped daughter.


Why should you apologize for trying to protect her? No one else seems to be doing so.


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