DBKP Sits Down with Nationally-Known “Bully Coach”

Dr. Joel Haber Answers Questions about His Book, “Bully Proof Your Child for Life”

New Study: Cyber Bullies Increased by 50% in the Last 5 Years

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself and Your Kids? 

Whereas years ago, kids would write their anonymous gossip on bathroom walls, now they’ve found a way to send their nastiness to a much wider audience.

The newest and potentially most dangerous form of bulling, “cyberbullying,” is growing so fast, it is proving difficult for researchers and therapists to keep up.

A new study just reported that cyberbullying among teens and preteens has increased by 50% in the last 5 years.

–Dr. Joel Haber, “The Bully Coach” on Cyber Bullies

Today we talk to nationally-known “Bully Coach”, Dr. Joel Haber, about his new book, “Bullyproof Your Child for Life”. Our guests today include TherapyDoc from “Everyone Needs Therapy” and Fighter from “Cyberpaths“, along with Little Baby Ginn and Mondoreb from Death by 1000 Papercuts.

Mondoreb: Hi Dr. Haber! Welcome to The DBKP Interview Room.

Dr. Joel Haber: Hello everybody. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Mondoreb: Okay, Joel, let’s get to it. If you had one thing to tell a parent about protecting their kids from bullies, what would it be?

Joel Haber: Bully Prevention can be summed up with one factor that remains pretty constant: The way a child responds to bullying events will determine whether those events repeat or escalate.

A child who can laugh it off, walk away, and feel good about him- or herself anyway is not likely to become a long-term target.

On the other hand, the likelihood of further attacks increases the more emotional the child becomes in reaction to the bullying.

Mondoreb: So Mom’s advice to “just ignore them them” wasn’t bad?

Dr. Haber: A child who gets angry, cries, pouts, whines, or runs to a teacher is probably going to be harassed time and again.

TherapyDoc:  Have you ever heard of the story, ” The Boy with the Funny Laugh“?

Dr. Joel Haber: It’s a really good story to get us to think about our behavior and reflect on what our role is in the bullying dynamic. I like it a lot.

Little Baby Ginn: Is passive aggressive bullying harder to deal with than overt bullying?

Joel Haber: Absolutely, because passive aggressive bullying is “indirect” which makes it more difficult to see, hear, or handle. Indirect bullying involves things like gossiping behind people’s backs, eye rolls, or exclusion which may not be easy to see.

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Bullies and Cyber Bullies: How to Protect You and Your Kids 


Bullies and Cyber Bullies: How to Protect You and Your Kids

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