It was my great pleasure to have an opportunity to sit down with Oscar nominated director Michael Roskam yesterday. Also joining the discussion were Tim League od Alamo Drafthouse, and Charlie Boswell of AMD.

In a way it is the work of Tim and Charlie that has brought the Belgium film Bullhead to the notice of the Oscar’s. Tim League’s Alamo Drafthouse operates a dozen theaters and is also the life blood of what is rapidly becoming the ‘must attend’ Austin based Fantastic Fest.  Charlie Boswell is the main link between the very successful computer company AMD and the world of film making.

It might at first seem a strange marriage, but it is not. Increasingly technology is becoming a vital component in the film industry. Sure there are a few accountants that use it for Spreadsheets, but that is not Charlies bag! He is King Kontent! Rendering, Pre-Viz, and Distribution.

Tim and Charlie, over a cold beer or two, created an award for Fantastic Fest, the AMD Next Wave Award. They have been running this competition for five years. Every winner has indeed to go on and win in their film making career.

The 2011 winner was Belgium (first time) director Michael Roskam with his amazing film Bullhead.

Michael Roskam had much to say in the interview. I am sure that he was expecting the usual Entertainment Tonight questions, but where is the fun in that?

I’ll bet you did not know that Michael Roskam has a Masters degree in Fine Arts? Oil painting was his first love.

I also doubt that you know the story behind Bullhead was inspired by an actual event. The killing of a meat inspector. Meat is not usually a cause for violence, if I don’t like the food in a restaurant, I simply do not return.

The meat industry however has a very dark side to it, the use by farmers of hormones and steroids to produce bigger, fatter, and quicker.

Oh, Bullhead is not a movie about Bovine Growth Hormone, but it is part of the theme. Michael Roskam certainly made his comments clear on the subject!

Bullhead is a movie that has a sting in it’s tail. I am glad that to the best of my knowledge no one has given the story away.

To listen to the interview, please use this link.

Simon Barrett


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