Bulb planting and a touching ceremony recently took place in the peaceful memorial gardens in Rochdale in the UK to remember the thousands of victims that have died as a result of asbestos related diseases in the UK. The bulbs were planted by the Rochdale Council’s Environmental Services Department and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.

A number of parties received thanks at the ceremony for their hard work, and the event was attended by a range of people including council members, councilors, and members of the Friends of the Memorial Gardens, among others.

According to the Health and Safety Executive in the UK there are five thousand deaths each year in the UK that occur due to asbestos exposure, and in light of this five thousand crocus bulbs were planted around the International Asbestos Memorial, which is in the gardens.

One man that attended the ceremony stated: “W hen we see the thousands of fragile flowers next spring that each represent a life taken by asbestos, we will resolve to ensure that this carnage comes to an end, by ensuring environmental and health and safety laws are honoured in Britain and that there is a global ban of asbestos still peddled by a few nations to the developing world.”

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