With increasing dependence of the society on Cyber Space and Digital Documents, Digital Security is a matter of concern for all.

It is no longer possible for individuals to conduct Banking or Stock Market activities or even certain Citizen to Government activities without using the Cyber Environment and exposing oneself to the risks of Cyber Space.

 With the launching of the Unique ID System, every individual in India will soon have his basic identity linked to the Digital Data called the UID. In the coming days we will not have exclusive Citizens or exclusive Netizens. Every one of us would be Cinezens with our UID in cyber space and existence in physical space. We will have assets both in Physical and Cyber Space and some physical assets such as Bank funds being held in digital form.

Under these circumstances, it has become critical that the security of digital space is the key determinant of the society. Lack of digital security would throw the life of future citizens of the country. It is therefore considered necessary for all those who are interested in the wellbeing of the society to come together and work for the common goal of a “Secure Digital Society”.

Since the task before us requires action on several fronts and in several places, Naavi.org has undertaken a task to build a “Digital Security Consortium” in India which proposes to bring together all likeminded organizations working in the Cyber Security space in India under a common umbrella banner of “Digital Security Consortium”.

The objectives of the Consortium would be to work towards Digital Security in all its dimensions. Naavi invites all interested persons or organizations to come together in this initiative.

Naavi also invites Corporates to join in this initiative as part of their CSR initiatives to support the activity of creating a “Secure Digital Society” in India. Interested persons may contact naavi@in.com with necessary information.

Na.Vijayashankar (Naavi)


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