5th December – Grave like structures found in Nandigram

We had a tip off that five bodies were buried at the spot. We along with a team of CRPF and CBI went there and found the bodies, but cannot dig them out without a magistrate’s order,” Midnapore (East) Superintendent of Police SS Panda

6th December – Bones recovered from Graves

The graves, which were under guard by a 15-member CRPF team after their discovery on Wednesday, were dug after Contai Judicial Magistrate Jaiprakash Singh arrived this afternoon,” Superintendent of Police, Midnapore (East), Satyeswar Panda said.Eight human bones and ashes were found shortly after the digging began, he said.

Note that is more than what was found in Gujarat but no one is calling them “Mass Graves”

8th December -  More bones found in Nandigram

“We have cast a net in the Talpati canal in Bhangabera village, from where we have recovered some bones,” CBI Joint Director Arun Kumar said over phone from Nandigram.

10th December – Another grave found near Nandigram

“We found a new grave at Parulbari village near near the former Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee stronghold Maheshpur After the discovery of graves at Bidyapit village at Khejuri and Talpati canal. The police and CRPF have cordoned off the area,” Superintendent of Police, Midnapore (East), Satyeswar Panda

20th December – CRPF finds eight more Graves in Nandigram

23rd December – CRPF finds 76 crude bombs

So what exactly did West Benhal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee have to say when he visited Nandigram ?

”We have suffered because you have suffered. I have come here to sympathise with the families of those who have lost their lives. Peace has been restored in Nandigram but it is also the responsibility of the people of Nandigram. I appeal to you to not bring any more unrest in this area,”

”We had hoped to make Nandigram a huge industrial hub, a second Haldia. There was nothing wrong with our vision. But then a lot of misinformation spread. They said we would forcibly take over people’s land, demolish mosques. Are we mad? Can any government take away land by force if the people are not willing,”

That was pretty much it.

Offstumped Bottomline: Buddha’s healing touch in Nandigram fooled no one. By glossing our his party’s Taliban Act on Nandigram’s many Muslims while continuing to play the Islamist card on the Taslima issue, Buddha is trying to have it both ways. The clock is ticking on the CPI-Mafioso in West Bengal. Her public shenanigans notwithstanding Mamata Bannerjee must take a leaf or two from Narendra Modi’s notebook to take on the CPI-M.

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