Buddhadeb’s Taliban Act

We must fight to protect our innocent people against looting and killing

They had rendered great sacrifices in the past

They are ready to render more sacrifices for the protection of their land and their ideology

That was the Taliban in 2001 justifying its actions in the feudal wars of Afghanistan. You could very well have mistaken those words for Buddhadeb’s for the Comrade Chief Minister of West Bengal did a Mullah Omer today with these words

Do you think they were peaceful people?

They had for months attacked, harassed and evicted our people

the people who suffered were paid back in their own coin

The Taliban had demonstrated their Culture in Bamiyan, and now this former Culture Minister of West Bengal has shown us the “eye for an eye” culture that he stands for.

But then why should we be surprised of this Taliban act in Bengal with the active connivance of the West Bengal police, after all Buddhadeb in his former avatar was not just the Culture Minister but was also overseeing the Home Ministry.

So what we have here in West Bengal is actually self proclaimed culture aficionado with the intellect of a Taliban Warlord who would rather have his private armed militia (the Hormud Vahini) settle scores than have his police uphold the rule of law.

But the Taliban like Culture does not end there. It extends to deceit and subterfuge by the CPI-Mafioso. But then you have the top law enforcement official of Bengal, the Home Secretary Prasad Ranjan Roy going on record to state there is no evidence of Maoist activity in Nandigram. This effectively nails the lie that was first perpetuated by Jyoti Basu, Biman Bose and later broadcast to the national media by Don Prakash Karat.

What is puzzling is what lead National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan to lend credibility to this subterfuge while he was in Moscow with no direct access to the facts on the ground. The NSA must withdraw his remarks and apologize to the nation or tender his resignation forthwith.

The NSA is but a small player in the sequence of events in Nandigram. The bigger culprits are Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi who have now cut a convenient deal with the CPI-M to look the other way while they tacitly support talks with the IAEA on the Indo-US Nuclear deal. The most eloquent comment on this comes from BJP Leader and Leader of the Opposition LK Advani saying the CPI-M had nuked the farmers of Nandigram. Mr. Advani has since demanded President’s rule after lauding the Governor.

While this post modern day Nero may get away with his complicity much thanks to Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, Offstumped would like to make it absolutely clear that this is not the end of this issue.

Buddhadeb may for now buy peace with bullet and bullion in Nandigram but one day he and his Comrades will be held to account for their Taliban Act in Nandigram.


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