It is now clear that there is no functioning Government in Nandigram. A person no less than Jyoti Basu has admitted as much.

“What are the police doing there when roads are being dug up and a large number of armed men are going around on motorcycles?”

It is also clear that the police in West Bengal sees no distinction between the CPI-M and the West Bengal Government. The police is no longer a mere bystander to the raging war in Nandigram but is actually functioning as an agent of the CPI-M. Consider this from the Telegraph

As news of the fresh firing spread, nearly 2,000 people surrounded Nandigram police station and sought protection. Processions snaked through the villages calling for a police boycott when the firing did not stop

About 150 policemen and jawans of the Eastern Frontier Rifles and Rapid Action Force apparently refused to move out of the station.

East Midnapore police chief S.S. Panda pleaded helplessness. “Maybe the policemen were scared after the EFR jawan was hit by a bullet yesterday. I’m not very sure. We have nothing to do until the CRPF arrives,” he said.

If the east midnapore police chief was pleading helplessness, his subordinates in the war zone had a different story to tell. Consider this from the Times of India

The Nandigram police station officer-in-charge, Sampak Chaudhury, said he had been ordered by East Midnapore SP not to send in forces

Worse still, the lone police outpost on Tekhali bridge – the dividing line between CPM and the Bhumi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee – was withdrawn

“I have been instructed by the SP not to send forces till five in the evening, no matter how bad the situation,” said Sampak Chaudhury

If the station officer’s remarks directly contradict the SP’s plea of helplessness, the BDO of Nandigram had even more damning words on the role of the police.

BDO Ashok Sarkar instructed the police to act but the officers turned him down. “If I can’t arrange for the security of the people in Nandigram, I will resign,” Sarkar said.

So does the West Bengal police have a fig leaf of an excuse to cover for its shameless direliction of duty ?

Senior police officers deny BUPC’s allegation that they did not act against CPM workers. “These are false allegations. We are not being allowed to enter the villages. Women are actually camping outside the police station to prevent our forces from mobilising. It seems BUPC wants to fight its own battles. They are scared that if the police enter at this moment, CPM will be allowed to retain the villages it has taken over,” an officer said.

The battle in Nandigram is now many months old after the deadly firing in March that saw 14 killed. Warning signs on the current wave of violence  were all too evident as early as October 19th when two goons were reported killed making country bombs for the CPI-M. On Oct 23rd come reports of clashes between CPI-M and the BUPC. The same day comes news of removal of police camps from Nandigram in anticipation of something sinister to come. More clashes on Oct 24th. Reports of more people fleeing homes on Oct 25th. More clashes on 27th. Blasts are reported during a 12 hour bandh on the 28th while Mamata’s convoy is fired upon. Journalists are attacked on 30th.

So how is it that Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been allowed to get away with such abject delinquency ?

If the BJP’s Narendra Modi who responds to riots within 48hours is called a “Modern Day Nero”. what title will the sanctimonious conscience keepers confer on this Chief Minister of Bengal who has slept over the complete breakdown of government and constitution in Nandigram ?

If spontaneous riots and mob hysteria in Gujarat are termed a holocaust by lame duck Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, why is he at a loss for words to describe the pre-meditated acts of war in Nanidgram that have been waged with the active connivance of the Police and the CPI-M ?

Offstumped Bottomline: The events in Nandigram are a disgrace to Indian democracy. The CPI-M and its Chief Minister are guilty of running a Stalinist regime in West Bengal that has blurred the distinction between Party and Government while reducing the Institutions of the State to Party agents. Buddhadeb and his pack of Marxist-Stalinists must be made to pay for this subversion of democracy in West Bengal.

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