Darwin, Buddhist Style

Ram Bahadur Bomjan – Nepal’s ‘Buddha Boy’ — surfaced in 2005, sitting cross-legged under a tree meditating while wearing nothing but a strip of white cloth. Supposedly, he stayed under the tree for nine straight months meditating, without food or water the entire time.

His spot started getting too crowded with reporters and onlookers, so he vanished one day, then resurfaced in a forest. He stayed there till earlier this year, when he disappeared again. He’s now turned up with a plan to try an “even more difficult” form of meditation.

Bomjan now plans to begin patal samadhi (underground meditation), a private TV channel reported yesterday, quoting a local journalist.According to reports, his followers have already dug up an eight-foot deep trench in which Bomjan plans to descend. The trench will be then filled.

Asian religious traditions narrate tales of holy men being buried alive, braving extreme heat or cold and subjecting the body to other torments in order to master the senses and attain salvation.

Clearly, the kid is whacked. But, look at it this way — if he doesn’t make it out alive, he’s at least already taken care of his own disposal.

Courteous Darwinism.

Gulf Times – Qatar’s top-selling English daily newspaper – SriLanka/Bangladesh | Kate blogs at The Original Musings. 

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