If you ever had the pleasure of listening to a Buck O’Neil interview then you know how great he was. Warm, compassionate, and with a phenomenal memory, he was a fount of fascinating stories of playing baseball at a time and place where black players were thought of as lesser people and relegated exclusively to the Negro Leagues.
    It was a sad time in our countries’ history when racism was institutionalized even in our sports leagues. Yet somehow Buck came through it without becoming bitter or full of regrets.
    It is sad news that he passed away. It is almost as sad that he is a little blurb, then the writer gets back to “important stuff” like noting Selig’s reaction to the improvement of a couple teams or the end of a playoff series.
    Buck contributed greatly to the history of baseball and it says a lot about the residue of racism that he is not in the baseball Hall of Fame. If ever there was a guy who deserved better recognition both in life and death it was Buck O’Neil.

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