Back in the Days before there was Madonna

Back before MTV

There was Bubble Gum Music
16 Videos of Bubblegum Music 1967-70

Talk about a labor of love.

Songs with sugary-sweet hooks and lyrics drenched in 100% sucrose.

Ok, we admit it, Bubble Gum music–it’s a guilty pleasure from the seventh grade.

Sweetest music this side of sugar-soaked syrup.

We’ve assembled 16 r favorite bubblegum songs in video form from the Golden Age of Bubblegum (our term) 1967-70. All sixteen saw pretty extensive airplay in the U.S. or U.K.

One group, Sweet, started out with bubblegum and wound up as glam rockers with mainstream pop hits, especially “Ballroom Blitz”.

When FM radio was for doctor’s offices and AM radio was flooded with bubblegum–most of it churned out by Buddah Records.

The first wave of “pure” bubblegum came with Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz – music producers who formed Super K Productions in 1967 and gave the world the Music Explosion’s “Little Bit o’ Soul” and The Ohio Express’s “Beg, Borrow and Steal” (the latter being a knock-off of “Louie Louie”). However, these songs were closer to R&B garage band music, and missing the element of nursery rhyme/nonsense lyrics that would be introduced by staff songwriters Joey Levine and Elliot Chiprut.

About a year later, Kasenetz and Katz released the Ohio Express’s memorable “Yummy Yummy Yummy,” a #4 hit in June 1968. Although the Ohio Express was a real, touring garage band in the Midwest, their hit singles were recorded by session musicians fronted by singer-songwriter Levine. The band members were handicapped attempting to reproduce Levine’s distinctive nasal whine for their live performances.

Our Top 16 Bubblegum Hits of All-time:

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DBKP Bubble Gum Music Video Festival: 16 Top Bubble Gum Hits of All-Time 


DBKP Bubble Gum Music Video Festival: 16 Top Bubble Gum Hits of All-Time

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