A popular question I ask on my weekly program about the world of bailbonds, is Where is Bruce?


Bruce was becoming a where is Waldo joke. A joke that my bail bond friends did not share my enthusiasm in. Bruce was coated with the slipperiest coating known to man. Bruce was exactly where the recovery agents were not. With a large amount of money about to be forfeited to the courts due to the lack of Bruce R. Wilkinson, the Bail Bondsmen really needed to catch him, and catch him before the whole deal went south.

I was on the verge of falling asleep. My wife comes into the bedroom and says, “it’s Cobra on the phone, something about a guy named Bruce”. “I thought you might want to talk to him”. Damn right I wanted to talk to him! Yep after months of searching, our good friend Bruce is behind bars. I don’t know a lot about the actual take down or how they managed to find Bruce (somewhere in Georgia), but it sure was three very happy bail bondsmen on the phone. Unlike the TV depictions of the world of bounty hunting, real men carry guns, they use pepper spray as a breath freshener, and Mace as a condiment for steak.

It will be tomorrow that I get the whole story, but Bruce is now behind bars. Congrats to William Cobra Staubs, Rod Dowston and Matthew Todd. They did what the police could not. Of course this is hardly the first time.

I enjoyed the search for John Charles Price. In this case they proved that ‘playing dead’ is not the same as being dead.

More details as soon as I have them.

Simon Barrett

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