When referee Herb Dean calls the fight due to the fact that veteran UFC fighter Frank Mir had just been beaten to a pulp and sent into another galaxy, he stood up and screamed to the crowd “WHO’S THE MAN!” Then walks to Frank Mir and said “That’s what you get for running your mouth” Can we all say Brock Lesnar please.

Only in his fifth fight (4-1) the man who was quoted by Joe Rogan as a “freak athlete” Brock Lesnar has truly and undeniably lived up to his expectations.

In UFC100 he avenged his only lost in a second round destruction of Frank Mir, who he had lost to in UFC81 to a surprising leg lock.

Even though Mir defeated Lesnar in the first round, Brock’s second round victory was much more superior then Frank’s leg lock (any day). Not to take away from Mir, he also is a tremendous fighter. In UFC100 Lesnar proved to be the better fighter, and let’s be real this was Brock’s fifth fight. Frank Mir being 12-4. ouch! That had to hurt his ego. Brock heard the boo’s from the crowd and ate all up. He loves this type of attention from the crowd. After all he was the WWE champion, and even though a lot of people and spectators may think the WWE is fake, it still requires a great deal of strength and endurance. Not to mention he was NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion and big ten champion (2 times).

He brings the spotlight that has always been on him to the UFC, not to mention the thousands of WWE “faithfuls” that remember him beating on their heroes.

Lesnar was named “The most dangerous man” his last fight, when he became the UFC heavyweight champion over the explosive Randy “The Natural” Couture in UFC91 Nov 15, 2008.

Only his fourth fight, Lesnar did the impossible. Randy Couture was quoted saying “It was like getting hit with two lunch boxes”. Lesnar dominated the entire fight, with the exception of a couple of punches landed by Couture.

His ground game was motivated by the thought of becoming the next champion in UFC. His stand up was just as delivering, when he caught Couture with a vicious right overhand (lunch box) hook to the back of the head.

After falling immediately Couture felt the same wrath that Heath Herring endured time after time at their fight in UFC87. Which Brock won relentlessly, in his first decision win.

He has defeated a monster in Heath Herring. He became Heavyweight Champion over a legend in Randy Couture, and avenged his only lost to retain his belt and remain the Heavyweight Champion in the world’s most dangerous sport the UFC. Something he’s been used to anyways, he would tell you.

Now at age thirty two, Brock resides in Minnesota, with his wife Sable who he met while wrestling in the WWE. He stands 6’3 and weighs 270, and in all honesty it is solid muscle.

His rigorous and strenuous work out sessions are the examples of his craft in the ring. All his opponents have been outstanding UFC fighters with much greater records, and they have all fell to the man with hands like lunch boxes. So I ask who’s next…Kimbo Slice? Let’s get one thing straight Brock Lesnar is “still the next best thing”.

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