It seems that the only stereotypical male behavior broadcast sports won’t put up with is free thought and the speaking of one’s mind.

For example, Hank Williams Jr. — a number of whose own songs revel proudly in bawdy behavior such as boozing and smoking — has been removed from the opening sequence of Monday Night Football for comparing Obama to Hitler.

This reprisal will certainly go a long way in laying to rest the old canard about Jews controlling the media.

In a number of ways, Obama is like Hitler.

Both men would have liked to have seen the nation of Israel removed from history and not above forming alliances with fanatic Muslims in order to do it.

Both men undermined the value of the individual in the name of the COMMUNITY.

Both of these men exerted the coercive power of government to curb free expression. Need one remind of the Administration’s pressure applied against the Ford Motor Company to pull an ad referencing the auto bailout stimulus?

It’s just that Hitler was more decisive in implementing his agenda.

Regarding his remarks, Williams assures he has always respected the office of the President.

And what if he didn’t?

Apart from not threatening the Commander and Chief, there is virtually no legal obligation to harbor any specific sentiment regarding the office.

Did Whoopi Goldberg respect the Presidency when she used the “F-word” in regards to Ronald Reagan?

Did Bill Ayers exhibit fitting homage towards the Executive Branch when he bombed the Pentagon?

Yet today both of these figures are counted among Obama’s sociopolitical allies, with Obama actually launching a campaign for political office in the domicile of the one actually given over to physical violence and the destruction of public property.

It will be no doubt be pointed out that, as a business, the NFL is not obligated to respect the First Amendment rights of those under its contract or employ and technically that is correct.

However, it must be remembered that this blurring of governmental and industrial interests is also among the first steps towards the Fascism that apparently no one is suppose to talk about.

by Frederick Meekins

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