BRITTANY MURPHY - POISONED? Questions surround the death of the actress/singer and her husband, Simon Monjack

BRITTANY MURPHY – POISONED? Questions surround the death of the actress/singer and her husband, Simon Monjack

Brittany Murphy was Poisoned

But Why? And by Whom?

[Excerpt from Brittany Murphy Poisoned: What’s the Real Conspiracy?]

The latest in the Brittany Murphy saga: the 32-year-old actress/singer was apparently poisoned–according to revised toxicology reports. But why and by whom?

Speculation has centered around the Department of Homeland Security, which Murphy and husband, Simon Monjack, had sued over a fraudulent report by DHS.

The article, Brittany Murphy: Death by Long Term Poisoning? sparked our last report at End Times Prophecy Headlines: November 20, 2013.

Not an endorsement of the celebrity/ Hollywood lifestyle, but there was always something a bit fishy when 32-year-old actress/singer Brittany Murphy died suddenly–and then five months later, her husband died suddenly in the same manner.

New toxicology shows that Murphy’s hair contained heavy metals and it appears that long term poisoning had taken place. But by who? There are allegations it was the Department of Homeland Security. Murphy had sued the DHS over falsifying information. Brittany Murphy died at the hand of the Government. says friend.

The reason for the suit appears to be making the headlines just now: US may have let dozens of terrorists in the country as refugees.

What a coincidence! The sheer synchronicity of it all is amazing!

Brittany Murphy Poisoned: The Back Story

See Brittany Murphy Poisoned: What’s the Real Conspiracy?

As it stands, the Corporate Media and the celebrity culture press are arguing over the non-essential questions while seeming to leave the main dots for readers to connect themselves. Ridiculous theories have been intentionally trotted out–so that even the most dim-witted of readers are able to dismiss them.

Rat poison or hair dye? Experts disagree over the analysis of Brittany Murphy’s hair, four years after her death

Idle Speculation: Department of Homeland Security and other Conspiracies:

With all of the deception and disinformation surrounding this story, there are a few things we know. From those few things, some speculation can be formed.

1- Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, died under suspicious circumstances. The way in which they both died, as well as the time frame, left many questions in the minds of readers. Some might speculate that this was an intentional result of the manner the deaths occurred and the obviously perfunctory coroner’s report.

2- Brittany Murphy did sue the Department of Homeland Security over what she claimed was a “falsified report.” This has been confirmed in the media by a friend who was a “whistleblower” at the DHS. Readers are immediately to suspect a “cover-up!” Which is always suspicious in itself when the Corporate Media leads the charge–even if it appears that they are dragged reluctantly, kicking and screaming, to the story–to shine the light on such a “cover-up.” Nothing excites the readers’ interest like a “cover-up” uncovered. Everybody loves a mystery!

Much revolves around a story which was coincidentally released by ABC News the same morning that the Brittany Murphy new toxicology reports were making news: US may have let dozens of terrorists in the country as refugees.

Of course, there more–much more. And most of it is in the realm of idle speculation and conspiracy theories.

Brittany Murphy Poisoned: What’s the Real Conspiracy?

What’s to come in the days ahead?

Again, only idle speculation can answer that question. Perhaps the conspiracy will unravel in such a way as to suggest that someone–the intrepid press will likely never know who–at DHS did indeed murder young Brittany Murphy and her husband. There may even be a stage-managed “investigation” to “get to the bottom” of the whole story.

But, at the end of the day, it will be all about how DHS has been letting Muslim terrorists into this country–and who knows what future mischief Muslim terrorists can get into?

And that is where this narrative stands today.

Stay tuned. One suspect there will be more.

Much more.

Source: Brittany Murphy Poisoned: What’s the Real Conspiracy?

by Jeremiah J. Jameson
–with Mondo Frazier

Jeremiah Jameson is an editor and writes daily at End Times Prophecy Report.

Mondo Frazier is the author of The Secret Life of Barack Hussein Obama. He writes and edits at End Times Prophecy Report.

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