A survey conducted by The Daily Telegraph has shown that a majority of Britons support the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, regardless of the situation in both these countries. About 7, 500 British troops are currently in Iraq, commanding a number of coalition troops throughout the southeastern provinces of Iraq and another 4,500 British troops are serving in Afghanistan as a part of the NATO force in the country. 56% of 1,722 people surveyed want the British forces to the withdrawn from Iraq in 12 months time and 19% want the troops to be withdrawn immediately. 37% of the respondents want the troops to be pulled out of Iraq at some point within the next year.

The respondents gave a similar kind of response in the case of Afghanistan with more than 80% of the respondents supporting the troop withdrawal within a 12-month time frame, while the rest of the respondents want the withdrawal to happen immediately. More than three-fourth of the respondents were not happy with the way the British government is handling the situation in Afghanistan and 81% of the respondents believe that the British forces are over-stretched at the moment. The findings of this survey could put more pressure of the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is already being criticized for his military policies on Iraq and Afghanistan.

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