By Elle Gillard

JUST days after Britney Spears’ prized cameo on hit CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’, rumors are already circling round the mill of a possible second stint.

According to ‘TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello’s multiple sources, Spears is in talks with the producers of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, with them both being very interested in having Spears appear again later this season. And if the troubled pop-star (who seems to be FINALLY getting her act together) does choose to reprise her role she will continue as Ted’s stalker in at least one more episode. Her boss, played by Sarah Chalke is also apparently in talks to return to the show alongside Spears, after her highly-rated cameo performance.

“We always said, ‘You know, if her character pops, we’ll bring her back,'” Carter Bays told The Associated Press on Thursday. “I thought she was great. I was very proud of that episode.”

Bays also revealed that having Spears on set was “totally weird”.

“It was totally weird. … I think we have a very, like, kind of Midwestern homey vibe here on the show, and it was strange to suddenly have helicopters circling.”

And when asked the almighty question – will she or won’t she return, he answered:”I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that.”

“It all depends on her availability,” claimed one of Ausiello’s insiders. Spears’ is quite a busy girl these days between her mental breakdowns, legal and marital woes, and other family and personal matters, it would seem ‘Mother’ gave the still young star a dearly needed piece of positive publicity.

Spears’ appearance was not a one-way street however – being a positive influence upon the show and fans aswell.

‘How I Met Your Mother, or rather ‘Mother’ as us too-lazy-to-say-the-whole-title-fans call it, has not yet been renewed, due to somewhat ‘subrar ratings’. Though things seemed to be looking up for the show after Spears’ appearance last month, which raised ratings through the roof. One could see why a re-appearance would look good for the cast and crew (and the fans of course!).

‘Mother’ drew 10.6 million viewers when Spears was featured in contrast to their regular 7.8 million viewers.

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