Britney has learned the first rule of stardom – you play with trash, you don’t marry it!  (Actually, it might be throw away the trash – but you know what I mean.)

In what could be considered the best move of her career, “irreconcilable differences” were listed in legal papers filed today in Los Angeles Supreme Court as the reason Britney wants to break it off with Kevin Federline.  Too bad reasons for divorce are so limited.  I would personally like to see splitting couples given the ability to pick from an expanded, and more imaginative, list of deal-breaking reasons for leaving their mates.  Wouldn’t it be great to see Britney be able to pick from choices such as “epiphany that spouse was ruining my life” or “new-found urge to vomit everytime he refused to wear the designer duds purchased for him as a present in favor of a dirty wife-beater and shorts.”  

For those of you worried that Brit-Brit may lose her belly shirt in the split, take heart because solid sources say that she was pressured by mother Lynn to have an iron-clad prenup and her attorney is none other than famed pitbull Laura Wasser.  Britney is even asking that each party pay for their own attorney’s fees, which doesn’t bode well for K-Fed now that his tour is all but kaput and he has had to beg promoters to let the show go on.  

Nothing says “washed up” more than a failed album, no fans, and a newly toned and gorgeous wife kicking you to the curb.  Her appearance on David Letterman was a clever little PR move that seems so appropriate now, especially the blink-and-you-miss-it-bit with Will Ferrell where she asks rhetorically “You paid for Kevin’s CD?!” and then laughed hysterically.

I am betting that Britney has a resurrection in the near future, especially since the public likes miraculous transformations and Rocky-style come backs.  She’s already shown us she’s back to a svelte size 6 in record time, maybe a decent song or too won’t be too far in the future.

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