Did Kevin Federline cheat on soon-to-be ex-wife Britney Spears? Reports say she found him in a hotel room last week with another woman, which she says was the “last straw” and prompted her filing for divorce. Reports say that Federline partied in Las Vegas while Spears was home, pregnant with their two sons. Apparantly, prostitutes and strippers are coming forward now claiming to have spent time with him in hotel rooms. One said, “Kevin said we could be together if he wasn’t married. Another time I went to his hotel suite and the tub was full of strippers.” Federline denies those claims, and now his ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson, is coming to his defense. She says he is a “good guy” whose kids mean everything to him.

Despite this and legal battles over child custody and prenuptial agreements, the pending divorce doesn’t seem to be hurting Spears’ career. In fact, it may be helping it. After taking time off to have and take care of her two sons, Spears is looking better and now is apparently recording a new album, trying to fit the mold of “The Comeback Cutie.” Only time will tell how her career will fare post-Kevin.

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