British company PZ Cussons have come under fire recently from the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for an advertisement that the ASA has deemed “offensive and inappropriate.” The advertisement is for a shower gel and it features a very young looking model sitting naked under a lemon tree. The ASA has said that they are concerned some viewers will believe that the model is a child and will become offended even though the model is, in fact, an adult. They have ruled that the ad must not appear again in its original form. “Because some viewers were likely to believe that the model was a child, we considered the sexual overtones and nudity in the ad were offensive and inappropriate,” said the ASA in a statement.

PZ Cussons have defended the ad but have also admitted that they are surprised by the complaints that have come in about the ad. In response to the complaints they said that they just wanted to represent the naturalness of the product but they would comply with the demands and reedit the ad so that the model was only shown from the shoulders up though they do feel that the question of how old the model looks is entirely subjective.

Nude shower gel ad with “child-like” model banned (Reuters)

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