British National Michael Scales Takes issue With Yankuba Darboe!

By Michael Scales, UK

I have considered the comments of aspiring Lawyer Yanks Darboe,in his posting of 8th April 2007.My response only interupted by our Mutual Respect, to the anniversary of April 10th.

To brand me a criminal for defending a newly reelected Leader of a Sovereign Democratic Country…beggars belief.I respect your right to critisise me and perhaps the leader of your country as do i hopefully, beseach you, to respect my right to speak my mind.This principal is foundational to freedom of speech and expression.I am mindful of the fact that i have been recieved as a guest in your country 19 times.I have always been treated with the utmost respect by members of your Government.A fact recorded many times.
I cannot engage you on the views of our Prime Minister.I must respect his views and his judgement ,as i respect and uphold the Laws of our country.If i dont agree with him i can write to him as i have done several times.Failing this i have the right to vote for someone else more representative of my views.This im afraid is Democracy…for better or worse it is a marriage between the community and its politicians., for richer for sickness and health..till death do us part. You may divorce yourself, but do not forsake your right to vote.
Your comment about The Gambias respect to mourn those who have passed away is substantiated by my article on the Rights of  Ms.Fatou Jaw Manneh of 3rd April,,,,where is the dispute ?Is the record in the Banjul Museum incorrect and intended to misslead ? Or have i missed the plot?
The Presidents herbal cure for Aids may be controversal….However he remains true to the APRC manifesto where it informs, the Gambias health programme will move further in the direction of herbal medicine.He was elected on this manifesto.
It is a fact that if the antidote for Hiv/Aids was mearly a CLEAN glass of water, then Millions of Africans would not have access to the Cure.I welcome any investigation of herbal remedies ,but must confirm scientific opinion …that the average life expectancy of those recieving Anti Retroviral Drugs has recently gone up to 30 .6 years as oposed to those without remains at 12 .4 years.Not withstanding individual circumstances.The term undetectable viral lode can be missleading to the uninformed.Undetectable viral lode below 50 copies ,does not mean the patient is cured.The virus is still evident and can proliferate rapidly if blood is not checked reguarly and drugs modified where necessary to cull an increasing threat.The recognised bench mark for impending Aids related illness is accepted at 200 c.d.4 cells.although this can vary patient by patient.At this point anti P.C.P. drugs should be administered.{Septrin} and regular health checks including signs of Tuberculosis.It is possible to have a low c.d.4 cell count and detectable viral lode and still appear healthy.However the opposite may also be true.This is a very complicated and resiliant virus.
Disrespect it at ones peril.
Your confirmation that Dr Taal knows me is also bourne out by Government papers held by both our Governments.He has never said he dosnt know me ..only that he cant remember me.Our association directly and indirectly endured uncomfortably for several years.However nomatter what the provercation….i have always maintained confidentialty for all my Trade Inititives.I recall a shared admiration with the British High Commission for the former Trade Minister Musa H.Sillah.At our first meeting he gave me 3 pieces of advise for Doing Buisness in The Gambia.These were Transparancy, Transparency and Transparency. I informed both sides British and Gambian of my buisness contacts,although when an approach to me was suspect…I did not divulge there names…ever.! We have a names ! no pack drill ! I have always believed i am a person who can be trusted.No matter what the personal cost.
Your observation that i was a Noble Engishman …was perceptive..but not calculated.
My ancestors were cousins of King Henry the 8th {The Tudors}We were Titled Lords and Ladies of the court eminating from Preston Lancahire.It is recorded that Sir Scales lead the defence of Parliament for the Royalists on Tower Bridge against the The forces of Cromwell.
He delayed the march on Parliament for several days against overwheming forces.However History doesnt record his fate ..only that we were stripped of our titles and lands and caste as beggars into the street.Now theres the rub !!!
May i thank you for your interest and please feel free to critisise me. This is your Democratic Right.    With great respect  Michael.
Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 30, 2007)
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