The former chief of general staff Mike Jackson waited till after he retired and is hawking a book to speak out against the Bush administrations post Iraq invasion policy. Gosh Mike perhaps some of the courageous soldiers who died in vain would have appreciated your observations at a time when it might have been done some good.

The post evangelical neoconservative years will be a flood of generals and mid level career bureaucrats, explaining how despite long and yes even noble efforts they were frustrated at every step by appointees and Bush ideologues.

Edmund Burkes “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”  seems an appropriate epilogue of the Bush-Cheney years.

I have little doubt folks will make then rich buying books and tickets on the lecture circuit as a cottage industry develops devoted to condemnation of all things Bush.

Nixon was at least permitted to slink off to relative anonymity. Former President George W. Bush will be required to spend many an hour before congressional committees and waste every ones time explaining, that gosh darn he just can’t seem to recall the specifics of any meetings or conversations that resulted in policy responsible for the death of thousands of Americas youth.   

But in the end perhaps responsible republicans will purge from the party the remaining cracker ass disciples of evangelical neoconservatism and a spirit of civility will inspire congress toward a bi partisan approach in addressing the multitude of complex problems created by eight years of having a captain Ahab steering the ship of State.


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