If you are a fan of PBS’ Mystery series this is a DVD that you will certainly want to add to your collection. In fact She Fell Among Thieves was the very first program aired on Mystery. Although it was filmed in the late 70’s the quality of the production is outstanding. Set in the Pyranees in 1922 the backdrop is absolutely stunning. Originally broadcast by the BBC in their Play Of The Week series it is based on the novel by the same name written by Dornford Yates.

The screenwriters have done an outstanding job of creating a classic Victorian melodrama of good versus evil. A damsel in distress Jenny (Karen Dotrice), and evil step mother Vanity Fair (Eileen Atkins), and a knight in shining armor Richard Chandros (Malcolm McDowell) form the hub of the action. Without doubt this is one of the best performances ever by Eileen Atkins, as Vanity Fair she nothing short of oozes evil.

Vanity Fair is the mistress running the very beautiful Chateau Jazreel, a turreted castle in the forest, but she has a problem. In order to get her hands on a $40 million inheritance her step daughter must marry by a specific date, if this condition is not met the money will be lost. Vanity will go to any lengths including murder to ensure that Jenny gets hitched, Jenny on the other hand has no intentions of becoming a married woman. The story moves at breakneck speeds, with the plot turning and twisting in every scene.

As a melodrama the performances are all superb, the acting if over the top, and the musical score is masterful. It has taken 30 years, but finally She Fell Among Thieves is available in the US on DVD.

I believe the release date is officially set for a couple of weeks, however you can order your copy from Acorn, just click on the link below. This is one wonderful made for TV movie.

She Fell Among Thieves on DVD

Simon Barrett


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