According to, British Airways will begin the process of replacing 114 of its long-haul aircraft. With a total fleet of 284 thats almost half its fleet. In the world of Aviation, most people are either fans of Boeing, or fans of the Airbus fleet. BA will be pitting the two aircraft manufacturers against one another, in a 13b contest to replace BA’s fleet of aging aircraft (

With the aircraft fleet aging up to the 25 year mark, its common for airlines to seek replacments. Many people compare cars to airplanes in the fact that, The older a automobile is, the more likely it is to break down. Well it may hold true to cars, but its not nessicarily true for aircraft. Aircraft are held to strict standards, that include inspections every few hundred hours, annual inspections, and they even have a magic number knows as TBO (Time between overhaul). When that time comes they will strip the engine down to its bare parts and search, with a scrutinous eye, to find any form of defect and replace it. The engine is, in essence, a brand new engine capable of many more hours of soaring the skies of the world.

BA is looking into the new aircraft from Boeing and Airbus which include Boeing’s new 787, 777, and 747-800 series. From Airbus A-330, A-380, and A-350XWB. According to officals, they have ruled out the A-340, which is the newest of the Airbus Fleet

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