It seems Orwell was right but missed it by 20 years and a bit. Britian is now the most watched in the entire world. And the biggest jump in monitoring, CCTVs and general lack of freedom has been brought about not by a party of the right but a party of the left in the form of Labour. 20% of all the spy cameras in the world are in the UK. It is said there is no where in central London where you are not on CCTV in fact in many places you are on multiples thereof. In fact the average person is on CCTV at 300 times a day.

Yet despite all the bans, cameras and meddling violent crime was up 7% is the last year records were released (2005).

Yet another reason why Britons are taking flight and leaving the UK. Freedom in the UK is dying daily and no one is doing much about it.

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