Monty Python Collector's Edition
Few Brit TV series have caused quite the international stir as the good folks who starred in the 70’s madcap series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The 30 minute weekly series had a huge and loyal fan base and quickly acquired cult status. From the TV show was born several movies, and a couple of stage shows.

Although it is now 4 decades later if you are chatting with a bunch of people and you bring up the subject of Monty Python inevitably someone will sing The Lumberjack Song, Recite the Parrot Sketch, or discuss the Ministry Of Silly Walks. I can think of no other comedy series of that era that has stood the test of time better than Python.

The show also acted as a spring board for the 6 founding members into hugely successful solo careers. The most interesting and surprising one being John Cleese, yes he has continued to be a very fine comedian, but he also runs a production company that makes business improvement videos. The other five Pythons were Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin.

When I discovered that an enterprising company had re-released Monty Python – The Ultimate Collection I just knew it was time to revisit my youth. Yes, I will be honest, some of the humor is a little dated, and maybe not quite as funny as I remember it back in the early 70’s. But, it is none the less a wonderful excursion back to an earlier time.

Monty Python – The Ultimate Collection comes in at a marathon 37 hours of programming on 21 DVD’s! It covers all four seasons that the program ran.

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Monty Python Collector's Edition

Simon Barrett

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