As a liberal Christian I was content to blog about the need to debate Governor Palin’s conservative ideals and leave personality and character attacks at the door. At first glance she impressed me as one of the few evangelicals in national politics who actually seemed to practice what she preaches. I may utterly disagree with her politics but I can respect her sincerity and accomplishment for having stood up to the entrenched and corrupt Alaskan GOP power structure.

But the bombshell revelation Governor Palin’s teenage daughter is five months pregnant by her high school boyfriend becomes a shocking turn of events, that seem sinister when the campaign itself is forced to admit it knew of and apparently approved the attempt to deceive the American people .

If you preach evangelical morality and rail against democrats for the decline of Christian family values.  Attempting to hide the fact your seventeen year old daughter is pregnant, while running for vice President of the United States tends to raise serious questions of Character which must be addressed. Undecided voters will naturally ask what else might Governor Palin be preaching in public and allowing to occur in her household. 

The Governor flatly denied she engaged in any criminally ethical violations or personally attempted to pressure the head of the Alaskan State police to fire her former brother in law, We are further assured no one in the governors office or her family did so.

The fired commissioner says otherwise and claims to have recorded conversations that support his allegations. At this point they are only allegations and should be treated as such. I recall  people claimed to have recorded conversations about Bill Clinton that turned out to be bogus so the ex-commissioner may just be disgruntled or looking to make a quick buck.

Today’s bombshell makes it critical for the independent prosecutor appointed by the Alaskan legislator to expedite the investigation and present the facts so the people can decide whether Sarah Palin is fit to be a heart beat away from the Presidency or just another political hypicrite.  

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