“More old and borrowed than new and blue.”

Hollywood. They always try and shed the darkest light on innocence and human nature. In the new comedy Bride Wars they actually want us to think that two best girl friends who just happen to have their perfect wedding scheduled on the same day would allow something so trivial to destroy a lifelong friendship. Like women are that jealous and competitive with each other. Next they will try and convince us that a guy would lie about a coworker to get ahead in business. Sheesh.

As a wedding film this one has more old and borrowed than new and blue. Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) grew up with one event in mind. Their wedding. When one slight scheduling error brings out their hidden demons they have to come to terms with their own flaws and discover who they actually are. That basic story line is slightly unique but the Bridezilla antics are nothing surprising. Plus the whole wedding genre is tired in film and this offers little to revive it. If you have seen even one trailer you get the majority of direction and outcome. I know you ladies have a competitive streak but I didn’t buy into this film even remotely.

The main problem I had; I could not believe Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as life long friends. For one, Hudson is such an old soul to me. I was truly shocked when I discovered that Kate is only three years older than Anne. Maybe it is their past roles or their on screen charisma but it was like watching Princess Diaries hanging out with Penny Lane. I couldn’t get past it. Also there was no on-screen chemistry whatsoever. That is not blaming either actress. They both did fine in their roles but the relationship seemed forced when they were together on screen.

To be fair I made myself listen to the crowd during this film. The screening was full of brides to be and they seemed to genuinely like the movie and laughed at all the right parts. So possibly this film is not for the romantic comedy lovers, which I am, but more a girls night out film. It is the sort of movie girls will watch and swear never to do to each other. Until of course their wedding falls on the same day. I give Bride Wars 2 out of 5 tiny grooms. It’s like a tux. Rent it. Use it. Take it back.

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