Politics have a way of getting dirty. Lots of verbal mudslinging, parties attack each other, many discussions turning into personal attacks. Every four years we tend to get our juices flowing as we hear debates between different parties and see all kinds of ads running on television. The drama and cheap shots never seem to end.

Recently, an ad ran on television in Montana asking “have you been bullied by Governor Brian Schweitzer?” as endorsed by gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown. The title of this ad is “No More” and talks about a recent presentation in Philadelphia by Governor Schweitzer where he bragged that he bullied election monitors and a woman until she was as nervous as a pregnant nun. Also, he admitted to tampering with the 2006 Senate election in Montana. When misusing tax dollars, he bullied the investigator before being found guilty of violating ethic laws. Of course, Governor Schweitzer has said that all of this was “joking around.” Okay, scaring a lady until she was “as nervous as a pregnant nun”, intimidating election monitors, tampering with an election, misusing tax dollars and going against ethics is “joking around.” No, this is not “joking around” but behavior by someone who believes he is above the law. He pushes people around and brags about it. Rigs an election and misusing tax dollars. Most importantly, the heck with any ethics. He has power and abuses it. People who behave like this are not normal but need professional help.

Politics has a tendency to get ugly and can bring out the worst in all of us. However, when is bullying others when in a position of authority okay? Again, as I have said many times, adult bullies do NOT obey laws. They have a sense of entitlement and treat others as they wish. Many act without any remorse because they have no conscience to begin with. Whether someone is a politician or not, do not give them any power! They do not use it properly and anyone with the attitude of Governor Schweitzer has no business being in office or even in politics for that matter. We elect people who are strong and who we believe can do the best job and make the right decisions for our society. This man sounds about as ethical as Charles Manson. I say that because as he is a bully, he probably has his followers and hangers on who cater to his every whim. Politics are dirty enough, do the people of Montana deserve to be bullied by Brian any longer?

A website is up for the people of Montana to express any experiences they have had with Governor Schweitzer. Visit http://www.brianthebully.com to learn more.

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Elizabeth Bennett is the author of Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective and resides in Los Angeles, California. To learn more, visit http://www.peerabuse.info.

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